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You Can Only Buy A Non-Lifted Volvo V90 Wagon In The U.S. If You Custom Order It

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To start off on the right foot, yes, the 2018 Volvo V90 will be available in the United States. But the only ones Volvo will keep in stock on U.S. soil will be the lifted version of the wagon with plastic cladding adorning its body. If you want a wagon like the one above, you'll have to custom order or fly to Sweden.

The V90 will complete Volvo's 90-series range when it comes to the U.S. in the summer, being sold alongside the S90 sedan, XC90 SUV and the lifted version of the wagon itself, the V90 Cross Country. But the non-lifted version won't get to sit alongside the other cars in dealer showrooms, and the manufacturer announced on Thursday that those who want to buy the car will either have to use Volvo's online concierge service or its overseas delivery program.

The reasoning behind the non-lifted wagon not being in U.S. dealerships and the lifted wagon getting a spot is likely America's obsession with crossovers and SUVs and the population's general tendency to ignore wagons. Being lifted, the V90 Cross Country at least appeals to that taste. The Volvo press release even alludes to the ?true wagon enthusiast,? because they're kind of rare in America.

But the ordering process for the non-lifted wagon isn't as bad or as stressful as it sounds! Volvo's concierge service allows a buyer to customize the car online and have it shipped to a Volvo dealer, while the overseas delivery program sounds much more fun: according to the release, Volvo will provide customers who choose overseas delivery with two paid airline tickets and a hotel stay to pick up the car at the company's Torslanda, Sweden factory before it gets shipped over to a dealership in America.

According to Volvo, V90 buyers will be able to choose between the T5 front-wheel-drive and the T6 all-wheel-drive powertrains. Customers will also have the option of the Inscription or R-Design trim on the car.

Pricing and trim details on the car won't come until next month, but don't expect a paid trip to Sweden to come cheaply.

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Actually a paid trip to Sweden does come cheaply. I was provided a 5% discount on my V90 Inscription and the delivery charge was waived. Volvo is paying for 2 roundtrip airline tickets, transfers to the hotel and factory, hotel stay, tour of the Volvo factory, lunch at the factory, and all duty/tariffs/taxes/shipping costs. I feel like this is a great deal.