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V90 Rear fog light position & design - UK vs EU


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United Kingdom
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Hi everyone,

I've been actively looking for a used V90 D5 R design over the past couple of weeks and one of the things I can't decide on is whether to buy one from the UK (where I'm originally from), or from the German/the continent (where I live & work). The used cars are simply much cheaper from the UK (sometimes up to 30%) for the equivalent models, but there are of course a few pitfalls and challenges to bringing a UK registered car to Germany.

I've already got some experience with this scenario as I brought over my UK Honda S2000 some years back to Germany and the most stressful challenge, concerned ensuring that the headlights and rear fog lights conformed to German registration requirements. Due to the different sides of the roads, the front lights must have a certain pattern not to blind oncoming drivers and the rear fog light by law must be either: in the centre, both sides or only the driver's side of the car.

For the V90, I saw people mention the front light beams are flat so it shouldn't matter. But I couldn't find much info on the rear fog lights....my questions to LHD V90 owners:

1. Is the rear fog light only on one side (i.e. left side?)
2. If so, would anyone know whether it is a separate LED for the fog light that can be removed/installed, or is it part of the entire rear light housing?
3. If the rear fog light is on one side, what occupies the other side? Reversing light?
4. Are there any recommendations for where to buy scrappage or used rear V90 lights online?

Thanks all

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