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New to me 2018 S90; quirks


New member
United States
What I Drive
2018 S90
Hello all,

Just purchased a 2018 S90, 63K miles, from Carmax last week. Love driving it so far, but here are some issues I've discovered:

1: Neither key fob has an intact slider to unlock the unit to get at the spare key and the battery. I had to use a small nail to push the spring-loaded mechanism aside to open the fob and then to get at the other spring-loaded mechanism to remove the other side for battery access

2: When I first came home and parked the car, I pressed the "Lock" button on the fob, the lights flashed and the rearview mirrors folded in. The car was safely parked in my driveway. About fifteen minutes later, out of the blue, the horn started going off in sequences of three, obliging me to use my "Unlock" button, followed by my lock button. The doors had been properly closed and no lights had been left on. I took several drives the following day without any problem, then the episode repeated itself the day after that. Any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks for any help.


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